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Yes, we camp!

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palazzo del cgoverno terremoto
L’Aquila – Italy, earthquake

Yes, we camp! It’s the cry to denounce the crazy conduct of the after earthquake emergency.

For the first time in the recent history of earthquakes, after three months, people are still living under tents and they will have to stay there for a long time, according to the Government’s plans.

Yes, we camp! To denounce the empty promise of the Prime Minister. After so many words, no facts. The measures are completely unsatisfactory, the money is very little.

Yes, we camp! To cry: everyone out of the tents, now! Vacant or unsold houses must be requisitioned. Containers, roulettes, wooden houses must be installed

Yes, we camp! To state that all the citizens must come back to L’Aquila. Don’t think to house just one inhabitant out of the municipal district in September! We’ll oppose this deportation with all our strength.

Yes, we camp! To observe that three months have been wasted: no reconstruction, only works for the G8.

Yes, we camp! To denounce the process of environmental and social devastation of our territory by the location of the C.A.S.E. plan. We don’t want a big, wide new town.

Yes, we camp! To inform all the world of the process of militarization, of the denial of the basic constitutional rights in the camps: information, assembly, speaking.

Yes, we camp! It means 100% reconstruction, transparency, participation. We don’t accept decisions from the top that don’t consider the good of the territory, but favour opportunism and

the usual hangers-on.

Yes we camp! It’s our ironic way to tell everybody that we are alive and determined to defend and help our territory to return to life.

The plate at the entrance of the fortress of L’Aquila is still intact, in the 16th century the Spanish rulers put it there. It says:“ to repress the boldness of the inhabitants of Aquila”.


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