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On the 19th of October we will open the workshops URBANACCION with a lecture by Jaime Lerner. The workshops, which will take place in Casa Encendida, Madrid, will be run by Carlos Teixeira, Lara Almarcegui and Raumlabor. We want to open a space for debate and learning about new ways of understanding public space, in contrast to the currently established rules and ways of thinking and developing such spaces. A city like Madrid should reflect its special character through the energies coming from its citizens, the general comfort and the quality of its urban proposals. Not only do we understand that the streets must be periodically cleaned and guarded, but also that they must be the scene for the interaction between its inhabitants. This fact is even bigger in large cities where public space is in general the scene of the conflict.
The aim of the workshops is to reflect upon the urban environment, its needs, opportunities, agents and actors involved, proposition and capacity for acting. The goal is to create proposals that can be implemented. We want to give opportunities for urban projects sprung from urban communities, proposals for the improvement of their environment and collaboration with government bodies. Providing communities with tools for analysis and positive proposing action in terms of quality urban public space. Implementing the solutions created at the workshops on public spaces around Madrid city centre. To take part in the workshops send your c.v. urban accion is an event run by malashierbas, In-Constant and [ecosistema urbano].

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