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Sustainability interactive site

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[ecosistema urbano] has been invited to take part in the exhibition “Zaragoza-Kioto architectures for a sustainable planet”, to be held in the Spanish Pavillion at Expo Zaragoza2008, together with twelve other international teams.

We have tried to find the way to make the best use of this opportunity for reaching the public, and we think it would be very interesting to let everybody express their opinions on sustainability: we want to offer our bloggers and readers the opportunity to be part of this exhibition. The idea is to develop and then “present” a new website about sustainability where experts and passionate people can share their knowledge.

It is going to be the first site about sustainability managed in web2.0 style, with inputs from anyone. On top of this, the site will be presented at the expo Zaragoza2008, a true international showcase.

It is our aim to increase participation levels, starting from the very first step of brainstorming and developing the website. We want bloggers to give their opinion, telling us how we can create a website as interactive as possible.

We have been trying to develop a system that enables an effective way for us to receive all sorts of advice, comments and critiques about this project. We will of course keep you up to date! For now, we want to ask you to post your comments through this blog.

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