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Regione Calabria (Italy) – Town Planning and Territorial Governance Department – announces the first “Zero Emission” international competition, Solar Park South, fully managed online by means of the portal
Participants are requested to provide economically, energetically and culturally sustainable projects and innovative ideas for the reuse of an imposing 10-km highway stretch, between the municipalities of Scilla and Bagnara, soon to be decommissioned.
Participation is open to architects, landscape architects, engineers, designers, artists, scientists, researchers and students worldwide.

> Prizes
First Prize: 20,000 Euros. Second Prize: 7,500 Euros. Third Prize: 2,500 Euros
Up to 10 Honourable Mentions

> Timetable
Online free registrations are open from 15 May to 15 July 2010
Projects can be self-published online from 15 July to 30 July 2010

> Website & Info

> Direct English Link

Emilio Ambasz – Architect and Designer, pioneer and theorist of “Green over the Grey” > USA
James Wines / Site – Architect and Artist, pioneer and theorist of “Green Architecture” > USA
Mario Cucinella / Mca – Architect, expert in sustainability and renewable energies > ITA
Jörg Schlaich / Schlaich, Bergermann und Partners – Engineer, inventor of the solar tower > GER
Patrick Blanc – Botanist, inventor of vertical green walls > FRA
Vicente Guallart – Architect, Director and prof. Iaac Barcelona > ESP
Hans-Rudolf Schalcher – Engineer, prof. Eth Zurich, Holcim Found. Management Board > SVI
Jana Revedin – Architect, Curator of Global Award for Sustainable Architecture > AUT
Sarah Ichioka – Director of the Architecture Foundation London > UK
Vedran Mimica – Director of the Berlage Institute Rotterdam > NED
Edo Ronchi – Sociologist, Minister of the Environment 1996-2000, President of the Sviluppo Sostenibile Foundation > ITA
Gianni Silvestrini – Engineer, Scientific Director Kyoto Club, President of Exalto > ITA
Ezio Terzini – Director of Enea Research Centre Portici > ITA
Tonino Perna – Economist and Sociologist, President of the Aspromonte National Park1999-2004 > ITA
Rosaria Amantea – Regional Executive of Town Planning and Territory Governance Department Calabria Region > ITA


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