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Mobile community garden

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The Dutch artist Anne Chienmeier has already done small gardens on the bus roofs and airplanes. And her last project is movable community garden. Citizens can take it directly to their front door, or park it on a suburban industrial zone and pick fresh vegetables for lunch, and drive it away when winter comes. But more than fresh vegetables important is community sense, meet and talk to neighbours, cultivate together, celebrate garden celebrations and eat the cultivated crop together.

You can read about Annechien Meier, her Mobile garden project and more other projects (but in Dutch) in her web page.

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Comments (2)

It's a good idea.. Our community have done a good and helpful project. It's very inspiring to those who wants to start a small business.

Hahaha! That is such a cool idea! I bet having something like that riding around really adds to the landscaping design, too! Hopefully it will take a stop in my town sometime!

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