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Lecture in Paris/ dix petites lecons que nous avons appris de la ville

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Tomorrow [ecosistema urbano] will give a lecture at the Laboratoire Urbain Participatif.
Saturday 16th of June, at 16.30.

address: 56 rue Saint-Blaise, 20 ème arrondissement.

atelier d’architecture autogérée

Le 56-Eco-interstice

This project explores the possibilities of an urban interstice to be transformed into a collectively self-managed space. Initiated in 2006 in St. Blaise area, in the East of Paris, the project engaged a partnership between local government structures, local organisations, inhabitants of the area and a professional association which run training programmes in eco-construction. The management of the project gives space and time to construction, the construction site becoming itself a social and cultural act.


Parallely with the construction of the physical space, different social and cultural networks and relationships between the users and the actors involved are emerging. The project has an important take on the notion of proximity and active borders. Neighborhood walls transform the boundaries of the site into interactive devices, which rather than separating, multiply exchange and connections. Another strong take is on the ecological aspect: energetic autonomy, recycling, minimal ecological footprint, a compost laboratory.minimal ecological footprint, a compost laboratory.

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