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F.A.S.T. Projects

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FAST, the Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory, aims to make visible the reality of segregation and human right violation through top down architecture and planning.
FAST’s projects expose cultural assumptions about the way our and other people’s life-world is being planed and designed, focusing on cases of real urgency where people’s living environment is being factually destroyed and reconstructed.

FAST wants to contribute to a world where national territory is not being scattered into ethnic and socio-economical enclaves, where architects and planners are not abusing their professional knowledge in order to commit violations of human rights and where governments are not abusing architecture and planning tools in order to promote agendas of segregation.
FAST wants to contribute to a seamless world, where the populations of territorial entity (State), the different ethnic, religious and socio-economics groups, profit from just planning solutions and thus equal living conditions; a world where designers, architects and planners who translate national, ideological and political agendas into physical shapes and built environments are engaged in generating better plans for all.

FAST contributes to the formation of a new practice, activist architecture that will approach the practices of human rights and civil society. FAST contributes to professional awareness, defining the role of architects and planners toward professional social responsibility. Fast demonstrates how the tools of architecture and planning can be reclaimed in order to create just living environments for all its users.

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