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Some people are very clever: Symbollix define themselves as “pioneers in innovative publicity techniques”. The idea is simple but effective: creating “anti-grafittis” by cleaning out certain parts of the dirty surfaces in the city. The result is eye-catching and, at the same time, a good way of staying clear of possible demands for vandalism.

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studiochu graffiti

Check out this website: On this site you will find the work of Julian Pablo Manzelli (aka “chu”), ranging from video clips to toyz, with plenty of interesting graphics. My favourite section is STREETart: graffities in different cities (Mexico FD, Berlin, Buenos Aires…), good examples of interventions in the city.

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webcams of the world

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I have come accross this website,, from which you can look for webcams installed around the world. It is specially interesting because the webcams are “geo-referenced” (we know this term thanks to Domenico), that is, they are located in a world map in googlemaps.
Another site for looking for webcams throughout the world is The design of this site is less attractive but the search engine is pretty efficient.

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Birgit Ramsauer

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We had the pleasure to meet this very interesting German artist at the lecture [ecosistema urbano] gave in Cooper Union, NY, having been invited by David Graham. Brigit carries out “performances” in public spaces, promoting an alternative use. We want to point out some of her work: Performance (ART : HOME – LESS Project New York, Marseille, Moscow, Berlin), Walk the Wall y Moving Standpoint I.