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urban actions | think big – start small – act now

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In contrast to traditional problem-solving methods for reactivating degraded public spaces, we believe another form of intervention is possible – one without spending vast amounts of money, time, and energy.  We focus on low-cost actions capable of generating responses from residents, in effect  obtaining a system of self-produced revitalization where the citizen plays an active role in the creation of public space.

Through these actions in the public space we have built a park in five days that a mayor had been promising for the last 15 years. We created a new fake “municipal government” to denounce the real one that was planning crazy new guggenheims for a small city or we have done interventions through technology to promote social life and interaction. We also have tried to reactivate a huge region with series of fast actions that were improving certain aspects of reality, to show the citizens that it is possible to change the existing urban environment. These proposals demonstrate new notions of neighbourhood connectivity and positively affect the existing way of life.

ecosistema urbano have leaded workshops in many cities worldwide: Milan, Madrid, Copenhagen, Boston, Roma, Weimar, Barcelona, etc…

This is part of the exhibition looking through ecosistema urbano eyes, included in the FORMEL_ X architecture series, curated by Kristien Ring.

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