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ecosistema urbano lecturing in Berlin. Closing event FORMULA_X DAZ-Berlin

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Next February 18th a closing event for the FORMULA_X  exhibition series will take place at the Deutsche Architektur Zentrum DAZ in Berlin.

A brief lecture by each of the participating teams: Plasma Studio (Londres), ecosistema urbano (Madrid),  y AFF Architekten (Berlín) will be followed by an open discussion moderated by Kristien Ring, DAZ Director and curator of the exhibition.

The event will start at 19.00 at the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum, Köpenicker Str 48/49, 10179 Berlin-Mitte
Free admission.
More info continue reading

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eu at DAZ exhibition completed

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We have inaugurated the exhibition at DAZ, and now we can show you a bit of how it looks, as well as how it has been produced.

The whole exhibition comes inside a suitcase and a bag (that you can take with you as hand luggage on the plane).

The big pictures on the wall are made of A4 self-adhesive papers, stuck one next to each other.

The drawings are made directly on the walls of the exhibition room with markers in two colours (COPIC markers: tahitian blue + salmon red). These colours are compatible with cyan-red 3d glasses, and allow us to have two different points of view depending on the eye we are blinking.

Finally, we have made a photosynth with all the pictures of the finished exhibition, as the best way to have an idea of how it looks, especially for those who won’t have the opportunity to see it.

(to view this photosynth you will need to download and install Silverlight, it’s fast and easy!)

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ecosistema urbano | about

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ecosistema urbano is an innovative agency focused on the understanding of the city as a complex phenomenon, from a special point of view between architecture, urbanism, engineering and sociology. The team’s field of interest is defined by something they call ‘creative urban sustainability’, from where to react to the present situation of cities through innovation, creativity and particularly action.

ecosistema urbano was founded in 2000 in Madrid and it is formed by a group of creative professionals in architecture and connected disciplines. continue reading

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urban acupuncture | ecoboulevard

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The whole proposal for the eco-boulevard in Vallecas can be defined as an urban recycling operation consisting of the following actions: insertion of an air tree-social dynamizer, over an existing urbanization area, densification of existing alignment trees and reduction and asymmetric arrangement of wheeled traffic circulation. Superficial interventions reconfiguring the existing urbanization (perforations, fillings, paint, etc.) that defaces the executed development. continue reading

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ecological reconfiguration | philadelphia urban voids

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Ecosistema Urbano believes that the revitalization of urban life is not obtained merely by architecture alone, but by focusing on solutions which encompass all aspects of the city system.  Regenerating the networks of social, environmental, and physical elements plants the seed for flourishing, liveable urban communities.  The ecological reconfiguration of Philadelphia uses the city’s strong history of citizen participation to develop a sustainable and economically-viable landscape.

The new Philadelphia will be built over itself by its citizens. Our proposal intends to generate the strategical mechanisms as a starting point for the self reparation of the urban tissue. continue reading

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city as a playground | plaza ecopolis

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Is it an utopia turning the city into a field of experimentation and play? Is it possible to integrate the different areas of the public space by avoiding fragmentation affecting contemporary cities?

From our point of view the contemporary city should be rethought as a transformation of reality around us rather than a new reality starting from scratch. We understand that this transformation should operate mainly from the public space, the place of the collective expression of social and cultural diversity. Public space should be reconquered  by those who make a freer use of it, those not responding to specific patterns and rules: children. Just through the point of view of a child we will be able to rediscover the city and transform it structurally and not in a merely cosmetic way. continue reading

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urban actions | think big – start small – act now

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In contrast to traditional problem-solving methods for reactivating degraded public spaces, we believe another form of intervention is possible – one without spending vast amounts of money, time, and energy.  We focus on low-cost actions capable of generating responses from residents, in effect  obtaining a system of self-produced revitalization where the citizen plays an active role in the creation of public space. continue reading

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physical + digital | what if cities…?

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What if cities project is an ambitious urban social design project. Its aim is to bring citizenship to the design and management of their physical and social environment.

Social solidarity and quality urban space together with efficient public services are the main factors to ensure that a city provides a good quality of life. To achieve this, it is necessary to leave aside the conventional schemes which consider citizens as mere users without any possibility to participate in the design and management of their city beyond voting every four years. continue reading

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open source future | shanghai urban interface

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Alongside the latest expressions of art. From this perspective, the Air Tree emerges as an experimental prototype of intervention in contemporary urban public space, capable of reactivating sites and creating the conditions to empower the use of the collective space. It is conceived as a technological urban furniture, a self-sufficient climatic comfort generator, that is being used not only as a breathing space but as well interactively. continue reading

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ecosistema urbano lecturing at Daz

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Tomorrow Thursday 18th, Belinda Tato and Jaime Eizaguirre will be holding a lecture on ecosistema urbano work at Daz, just before the opening of the exhibition looking through ecosistema urbano eyes, included in the FORMEL_ X architecture series, curated by Kristien Ring.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Nov19th to Jan 16th. The lecture will start at 19.00.

Don’t forget to bring your 3d glasses…

For more info: