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Atmospheres for Social Interaction | Workshop and lecture in Helsinki

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Next Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th José Luis Vallejo will be giving an open lecture and leading a workshop at the Aalto University Department of Architecture.

The workshop will develop the topic “Atmospheres for Social Interaction”. How can we, as architects or urban planners, support the development of the social aspect of urban life?
Lecture and workshop by Ecosistema Urbano at the Aalto University Department of Architecture

Location: Lecture Hall A1 at the Lecture Graduate Centre, Aalto University
Lecture: November 23rd, 17:00h
Workshop: November 24th, 10:00-18:00h
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Arkki, escuela de arquitectura para niños y jóvenes en Helsinki | eu:KIDS

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Arkki es una escuela para aquellos niños a los que les sobre tiempo después del cole y les guste construir, modelar, imaginar espacios y levantar maquetas con los materiales más raros o más cotidianos. Imparten cursos anuales de arquitectura, artes visuales y educación medioambiental, para niños y jóvenes de entre 4 y 19 años, pero también para grupos de padres y niños. leer más

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[work in progress] eco-neighbourhoods in the north of Europe

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In a recent visit to Paris, I bought a French trade magazine that made references to “eco-neighbourhoods” built in northern Europe. Some, like BedZED, are already commented on this blog. Others were a total discovery for me. It is necessary disseminating these performances, some very good, so we can learn from these experiences. For a neighbourhood to convert into an “eco-district”, sometimes you only need a politician illuminated with appropriate buzzwords. Other times it is a collective work which has required joint efforts on the part of the public initiative, private, and of course some architects have responded to these concerns. continue reading