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eu at DAZ exhibition completed

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We have inaugurated the exhibition at DAZ, and now we can show you a bit of how it looks, as well as how it has been produced.

The whole exhibition comes inside a suitcase and a bag (that you can take with you as hand luggage on the plane).

The big pictures on the wall are made of A4 self-adhesive papers, stuck one next to each other.

The drawings are made directly on the walls of the exhibition room with markers in two colours (COPIC markers: tahitian blue + salmon red). These colours are compatible with cyan-red 3d glasses, and allow us to have two different points of view depending on the eye we are blinking.

Finally, we have made a photosynth with all the pictures of the finished exhibition, as the best way to have an idea of how it looks, especially for those who won’t have the opportunity to see it.

(to view this photosynth you will need to download and install Silverlight, it’s fast and easy!)

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Arquicomics: blog de arquitectura y cómics

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ARQUICOMICS es un blog que he creado recientemente para recopilar información sobre  la relación entre la arquitectura y los cómics.

En algún post de eucomic ya he hablado de alguno de estos casos: dibujantes y autores de cómics que dan una visión personal de la ciudad,  la arquitectura o los arquitectos. continue reading