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ecosistema urbano busca arquitectos

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Ecosistema Urbano está buscando arquitectos para su incorporación en nuestro equipo de Madrid.
Buscamos dos perfiles, con competencias lingüísticas diferentes:
+ Un perfil inglés nativo/bilingüe
+ Un perfil con alemán profesional

Para ambos perfiles se requieren además los siguientes requisitos:
– Máximo nivel de conocimiento de programas de BIM y QGis
– Experiencia en el desarrollo de proyectos de ejecución
– Experiencia profesional internacional
– Disponibilidad para incorporación inmediata

Los interesados pueden enviar CV y portfolio antes del lunes 11 de septiembre a la dirección a través de un enlace a Issuu o similar (sin archivos adjuntos, por favor).

¡Muchas gracias por difundir el post!

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Matthieu Darcourt | eu collaborators

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Today we introduce Matthieu Darcourt, an architecture student who has been doing a short internship with us, bringing the French language back to the office after a couple of years… Here is what he tells us:

Matthieu Darcourt

Matthieu Darcourt

I’m a student in architecture at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Strasbourg in France, and I will graduate in October 2014. I had the opportunity to travel a lot especially during my Erasmus in Budapest and my internship here at ecositema urbano in Madrid. I believe there is no such thing as losing yourself in an unknown city in order to discover it’s deeper essence, culture and personality. As an architect and as a person, I am really interested in this balance between big cities and traditional culture, and Madrid is a beautiful example of it: a 21st century city with a village atmosphere.

Matthieu Darcourt in Budapest

Matthieu Darcourt in Budapest

During my internship at ecosistema urbano, I had the chance to think about it when writting an article about situationist theories and urban participation. Indeed, thanks to their blog, they take some time to think and research concerning urban social design, so it creates a stimulating and creative atmosphere and projects. I found really interesting the original project approach they have, including social networks, technologies, and creative commons, questioning urban landscape and social life. Finally, I enjoyed the nice atmosphere of the studio, especially during cooking time! Thanks again.

Occupation: Architecture student
Interests: Architecture, Anthropology, Sculpture, Cities
City/country: Strasbourg, FR
Web: Portfolio

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Claudio Marras | eu collaborators

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Today we introduce Claudio Marras, a young architect who is doing an internship with us, taking part in various aspects of our work… and also bringing a great Italian touch to our lunchbreak! Let him tell us a couple of things about himself:

A young dreamer architect.

Passion, Curiosity and Perseverance: I want to travel, I want to see, I want to know.

Architect evolution

Architect evolution

Hello everybody, I am Claudio Marras a 30 years old italian architect come from Sardinia, Italy. I will try to synthesize my life with 3 simple keywords.

Passione (passion)

From from child to young adult

Once upon a time

A life lived wrapped by passion. Food, travel, sport, people, ART… Born in a creative and art-loving family, I was easily able to discover and explore different worlds. Living in a island I had, from the beginning, the pleasure (and necessity) to go abroad.
I lived in Croatia, Usa, Spain and Germany and I traveled throughout most of Europe.

Curiositá (curiosity)

From external world to myself

From Praha with love

From Praha with love

Each place/person could teach you something. It’s up to you understand the way to acquire knowledge from it. Every place can be different for everyone, it’s the culture and meaning behind it that matters and makes it special and unique for every one. It is not only the place, it is also the experience.

As an architect I have to design the space in relation with local dynamics and needs, trying to involve those who will use that space into the process.

Determinazione (perseverance)

From Valencia to Punto d’Incontro

Different forms of urban attraction. The Turia’s park of Valencia for a cultural conversion of spare time

Different forms of urban attraction.
The Turia’s park of Valencia for a cultural conversion of spare time

Social Architect

My architecture thesis project (2007) was the synthesis of my mindset and my professional way of seeing urbanism and architecture: bottom up architecture, social approach, participatory process. The project’s AIM was to find a social and cultural way to convert the spare time of the people. The idea was to give to everyone the opportunity to know and exchange skills and competencies in a public space coordinated by the Time-based currency system. The project was studied for the river park of Valencia, Spain.

Starting from these theoretical input, I’m developing it in a practical way trough Punto d’incontro (Meeting point) project. It is a box that contains active and creative groups or people who work for the re-appropriation of public space through a participatory process. Artists, professionals, and experts interact with the local population to involve people in a urban renewal.




Bachelor Degree of Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning in 2005.
Master Degree on Architecture in 2007.
Freelance architect from 2009 with a Certificate of Site Safety Coordinators (2012).

Currently a Post-Master student of Urban Research Lab Sardinia – Environmental Design in the University of Sassari (Sardinia) in partnership with Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA) of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences where I spend the first part of the Master (5 moths).

more information on LinkedIn profile

In times like these, escape is the only way to stay alive and keep dreaming.

In times like these, escape is the only way to stay alive and keep dreaming.

In tempi come questi la fuga è l’unico mezzo per mantenersi vivi e continuare a sognare.

In times like these, escape is the only way to stay alive and keep dreaming.

Henry Laborit, from the italian movie: Mediterraneo

Here is a short summary about Claudio:

cla 2Occupation: Freelance Architect
Interests: urbanism, architecture, design, social, community
City/country: Sassari, Italy
Web: Punto d’Incontro
Online profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn

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Se busca “arquitecto catalizador” | “catalyst architect” wanted

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Explosion 1965-6 by Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997

Explosion 1965-6 Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997- Museum of Modern Art, New York 1976

[ES] Ecosistema Urbano lleva varios años trabajando principalmente para instituciones y administraciones en el extranjero (Noruega, Italia, Dinamarca, Francia…), de manera independiente o en colaboración con otras oficinas. A medida que conocemos más otros países y trabajamos con otros equipos, nos damos cuenta de que todavía nos quedan por explorar muchas posibilidades profesionales, lo que requiere una dedicación intensa en tareas de prospección, establecimiento de contactos y comunicación.

Por este motivo, buscamos una persona de acción, creativa y con iniciativa que se quiera incorporar a nuestro equipo (a tiempo completo) y contribuir a la creación y desarrollo de nuevas oportunidades.
Por la naturaleza del trabajo es imprescindible tener habilidades de comunicación y un dominio del inglés hablado y escrito a nivel profesional. También es valorable tener cierta experiencia internacional, habiendo estudiado o trabajado fuera de España.

Algunas características del perfil que estamos buscando:

Arquitecto/a o profesional próximo al mundo de la arquitectura / urbanismo / paisajismo con formación en españa o en el extranjero
Inglés/español: Imprescindible gran dominio hablado y escrito
Habilidades de comunicación, facilidad y afición por la escritura en distintos idiomas
Diseño gráfico y familiaridad con herramientas digitales en general
Soltura en rastreo de webs y bases de datos online
Persona activa y creativa
Preferible experiencia internacional previa (académica o profesional)

Si estáis interesados enviadnos (antes del 20 de marzo) un breve mensaje de interés (el mismo texto del correo) y muestras de vuestro trabajo+experiencia mediante enlaces (Dropbox, Scribd, Wetransfer, web…). Por favor, evitad los archivos adjuntos o carpetas compartidas, sólo un link de descarga al final del mensaje.


Diagrama de proyectos de Ecosistema Urbano

Diagrama de proyectos de Ecosistema Urbano

[EN] Over the last few years, Ecosistema Urbano has been mainly working for foreign public and private institutions (in Norway, Italy, Denmark, France, …), either independently or in collaboration with other offices. The more we get to know other countries and work with different teams, the more we realize that we still have many professional possibilities to explore. This requires an intense dedication to prospecting, networking and communication tasks.

For this reason, we are currently searching for an active, creative and resourceful person who wants to join our team (full time), contributing to the creation and development of new opportunities.
Because of the nature of the work, good communication skills and mastery of written and spoken English at a professional level are a must. It is also valuable to have some international experience, having studied or worked outside Spain.

Some hints on the profile we are looking for:

Architect or professional familiar with the world of architecture / urban design / landscape, educated in Spain or abroad
English / Spanish: spoken and written (professional level)
Communication and writing skills, as well as enjoying writing in different languages
Graphic design skills and familiarity with digital tools in general
Familiar with web and online database research
Active and creative person
Highly appreciated international experience (academic or professional)

If you are interested please send (before March 20th) a brief text expressing your interest (the very same text of the email) and samples of your work + experience through links (Dropbox, Scribd, Wetransfer, web…). Please, avoid attachments or shared folders, just a link included at the end of the email will be perfect!


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Francesca Rotundo | eu collaborators

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Today we introduce Francesca Rotundo, a young architect who is doing an internship with us, being mainly involved in our proposal for the competition in Kiruna and the Reggio Children experimental centre.


As she tells us:

I’m a quite curious person, careful observer of what is happening around me. My interests are many, but somehow the architecture field seems to contain or connect to a lot of them, giving me everyday something different to think over.
I’ve studied architecture at the University of Ferrara, graduating at the end of 2012, and, as Erasmus student, at Chalmers University in Göteborg, Sweden, a great experience that made me fall in love with the nordic atmosphere, and made me more passionate about my work, in particular about investigating the relation between citizens and the design of the city.
As I wanted to keep widening my horizons, I was especially excited about gaining a Leonardo-program grant and having the chance to join EU, here in Madrid. Participating with them in a university-workshop about the regeneration of borderline areas, organized by Ri-Generazione Urbana, I had the possibility to know them more and I found their way of working very inspiring. I think it’s awesome to collaborate with such a great studio, matching my interests.
Apart from the complexity of the city, which I enjoy so much, in my quite small home town I take part in a cultural association called Primola together with architects and artists, working to make vital the local territory and preserving its landscape. We organize events and activities related to culture, entertaining, designing and realize sets and installations using lights and “poor” building materials, like straw bales.
Trying to conceive design in a playful way, I always keep in mind the social impact of architecture and, as we never stop learning, I keep looking for answers and new questions as well.


Here is a short summary about Francesca:

Occupation: Architect
Interests: Architecture-landscape-city, urban safaris, travelling, Illustration, fashion & industrial design
City/country: Cotignola-Ravenna, Italy
Web: Portfolio
Online profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn

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Blanca Abramek | eu collaborators

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Today we introduce Blanca Abramek, an architecture student who did an internship with us last spring/summer. She did a great work actively helping us with the design and selection of contents for a book about Dreamhamar that we are now (finally!) finishing.

Blanca Abramek -  by Emilio P. Doiztúa

In her own words:

I’m in my final year of Architecture and Graphic Design at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA. As researcher at the Positive Psychology Center, I am investigating the relationship between urban design and well- being.

Because of my interest in fine arts, cultural anthropology, psychology and film I like to look at design from a holistic perspective. In my opinion architecture relies on an interdisciplinary exchange in which lies the opportunity for architects to seek broader strategies for impact. I believe that in today’s world we, architects and urban designers, need to seek radical new channels of influence that move design away from focusing only on providing professional services and toward a more ambitious role of cultural leadership in the built and social environments.

Blanca Abramek at Ecosistema Urbano

Here is a short summary about Blanca:

Occupation: Student
Interests: Dance, travel
City/country: Warsaw, PL
Social profiles: @tendrebarbare
Related posts on this blog

Both photos were taken at our office in Madrid. The first –amazing– one is by Emilio P. Doiztúa.

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Serena Chiacchiari | eu collaborators

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Today we introduce Serena Chiacchiari, an Italian architect who’s doing right now an internship with us, being mainly involved in our proposal for the competition in Kiruna. Enjoy her introduction and the great photos from her trips around the world!

Serena in Patagonia

In November 2010 after graduating in Architecture in Rome I decided to go to Australia and New Zealand for a period. I was there 2 months, trying to visit as much as I could, from big cities to wild nature. When I came back I decided that what I had studied wasn’t enough so I started a professional master about sustainable architecture in IED Torino. The trip around Australia, where everything is so extreme, inspired me. I started asking myself “Is it possible to live without wasting what nature gives us?”, “Can we as architects help not to waste it?”. So I moved to Turin where I started studying the main elements of sustainable architecture.

Apart from theory, we had 3 workshops, one of which was held by “Arcò”, a young group of Italian architects, who helped us to understand how to build in extreme conditions with poor materials like earth, sand and tires. This workshop was awe-inspiring for me and I decided that I would like to start my architectural career in a young and active studio. I was very happy when I knew that I could have my internship in Ecosistema Urbano, which reflects perfectly my idea of what architecture should be: FUNNY, SUSTAINABLE AND PEOPLE’S.

This experience is very important for me because my passion has always been to travel and meet different cultures and this is the best way to do it!

Serena in Jordania

Here is a short summary about Serena:

Occupation: Architect
Interests: Architecture, photography, travel, sports
City/country: Rome/Italy
Online profiles: Facebook, Linkedin

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Francesco Cingolani | eu collaborators

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Today we introduce Francesco Cingolani, one of our closest collaborators in the past couple of years. In the following post he explains some of his projects and interests, and his experience in Ecosistema Urbano.

Francesco Cingolani

Photo above by urban sociologist Andres Walliser, good friend and collaborator.

I have studied architecture and engineering and I’ve always been interested in the relationship between creativity and new technologies, more than in building. For the last 3 years I’ve been payed to work as an architect, professional blogger and creative project manager. Since 2012 I’ve been teaching parametric design in Paris at “École d’architecture de la ville et des territoires” in Marne-la-Vallée.

I recently started my first projects as entrepreneur: one is a creative cohousing in Madrid and the other is about going into Parisian apartments and create handmade Italian pasta; the project is called farine00 and I’m in this with Valentina, in the photo below. At the moment, people are just crazy about those projects but we still don’t get any income from them. Old story.


Photo above by flo –

I am 34, Italian and I have been living in Paris for 9 years. 3 years ago I quit my job at Hugh Dutton Associates to move to Madrid and work with Ecosistema Urbano, Basurama, Meipi and other amazing people from Spain.

In Ecosistema Urbano, I was in charge of the DIGITAL COORDINATION of dreamhamar, a network design and participation process in Norway. It was the most interesting project I participated since I am working. It was also the most stressful one. Old story.

Thanks to dreamhamar I’ve learnt more about complex systems and emergency phenomena.

I think that the most interesting shift in recent design experience is that we have passed from designing object to designing networks and processes. That’s why for dreamhamar we’ve developed a network design methodology. As a project manager, I also applied minimalism as a management tool for highly complex processes which often tend to information overload.

At Ecosistema Urbano I also was in charge of the development of Urban Social Design Experience, a network learning experience focused on participatory processes and sustainability.

Before that, I took part in some more architectural projects. I especially like this one with Ecosistema Urbano and Koz and the new Louvre in Paris with Hugh Dutton Associates, that is opening in September (photo below).

Département des Arts de l’Islam, musée du Louvre, Paris

Département des Arts de l’Islam, musée du Louvre, Paris
Client: Etablissement Public du Musée du Louvre
Architects: Rudy Ricciotti et Mario Bellini
Muséography: Renaud Piérard and Mario Bellini
Facade and Structure Consultants: HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés
Photo: “La couverture de la cour Visconti, département des Arts de l’Islam, musée du Louvre”
© R. Ricciotti – M. Bellini / Musée du Louvre
© photo 2011 Musée du Louvre / Olivier Ouadah

Since january 2012, I am trying to work no more than 3 hours per day and check my email box only 3 times a week. The italian newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera” featured my story as an example of downshifting in its magazine “Sette”.

I am a walker, and last year I realised intraverso, a slowlife and storytelling project in collaboration with the Italian magazine whymarche. The project included a slow, walking trip through Italian countryside and a digital journal.

Since 4 months ago I am moving through Europe and working remotely without a unique location, even if I consider Paris as my principal home. I don’t have a clear idea of what I am doing in the next future. Looking for new stories.

When writing for the Internet like this, I like sharing details of my physical location:

Montecanepino, (Italy), 11.47 AM August 8th 2012.

Here is a photo of my window right now.

Montecanepino, (Italy), 11.47 AM August 8th 2012.

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De vuelta

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Por fin, tras un prolongado silencio veraniego, ¡volvemos con el blog! Un silencio que no ha sido —sólo— de descanso y desconexión, sino también debido a la gran actividad que hemos tenido en el estudio, ocupados con varios proyectos que os iremos contando en las próximas entradas.

Ecosistema Urbano trabajando

Han sido unos meses intensos, con la oficina llena de gente y de energía, con una mezcla refrescante de idiomas y culturas diferentes,  y volvemos ahora con ganas tanto de retomar cosas pendientes como de comenzar un nuevo período en la actividad de Ecosistema Urbano.

Así que aquí estamos de nuevo, poniendo en marcha nuestros espacios físicos y digitales, en los que esperamos encontraros a todos, colaboradores, clientes, seguidores, colegas y amigos, de una u otra manera.

Ecosistema Urbano, físico y digital


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Marcos Guardiola | eu collaborators

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Hoy os presentamos a otro de nuestros colaboradores. Marcos Guardiola se unió al equipo hace poco para ayudarnos con la visualización e ilustración del proyecto que estamos desarrollando para Hamar, y algún otro que ha surgido durante este tiempo.

Marcos Guardiola

Como él mismo nos cuenta:

Aunque mi formación es de arquitecto (estudié en ETSAMadrid), mi actividad profesional en los últimos años ha ido por derroteros, a veces mas alejados a la profesión, pero siempre relacionados con el diseño y la creación plástica o artística.

Durante los años de estudiante viví, entre otros sitios, en México D.F., donde formé parte del equipo ganador del concurso para la rehabilitación del edificio catalogado, la Casa de la Covadonga en el centro histórico de la Ciudad de México.

También estuve viviendo en Granada, donde realicé, entre otros trabajos, el proyecto de la plaza de Eras de Cristo, junto con los arquitectos Francisco del Corral y Federico Wulff. Durante esta época trabajé mucho haciendo infografías para estudios de arquitectura, entre los que cabe destacar los trabajos que hice para el estudio Vidal & asociados.

En los últimos dos años he participado dentro del proyecto “aTetuán”, evento realizado durante la noche en blanco de Madrid del año 2010, he realizado trabajos de video-creación, arquitecturas efímeras, diseño gráfico, web, y últimamente, más volcado en el mundo de la ilustración y dibujando de manera habitual para el periódico El País.

Con ecosistema Urbano trabajo de “3D freak“, con algunas incursiones en la ilustración arquitectónica.

Mis intereses, al margen de la arquitectura, y la creación artística son mis hijas y la escalada, actividad que realizo de manera continua desde hace ya 15 años.

Marcos en pleno trabajo

Os recomendamos dar una larga vuelta por su porfolio, en el estudio quedamos impresionados con sus trabajos. ¡Gracias, Marcos!

Página web:
Redes sociales: Facebook