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11 Blogs for Urbanists

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These 11 blogs will help you keep on top of news and views about various aspects of urbanism and city life in 2011. An urban planning news website, featuring articles, op-eds, jobs, courses and information for the urban planning, design and development. (@Planetizen)

PriceTags: Gordon Price is a former Vancouver city councillor and the Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University. His blog gives readers an insider’s perspective of urban issues. While it with a focus on Vancouver, he cover topics of interest to anybody interested in urbanism.

Urbanophile: Aaron M. Renn’s blog focusing on helping America’s cities thrive and find success in the 21st century. He offers unique perspectives and innovative strategies for cities and their residents. (@Urbanophile). continue reading

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faircompanies – mucho en común con el proyecto eutv

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Hoy os presentaros, una comunidad y centro de noticias sobre sostenibilidad, en inglés, castellano y catalán, con sede en Barcelona (y con un pie en Nueva York).
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