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eu:abierto – Diego Soroa: R&D creative, industrial and conceptual designer

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My name is Diego Soroa, I studied architecture and specialised in Urbanism. I work in Bilbao as an R&D creative and industrial + conceptual designer. I manage the creative lab Cuantics Creatives, I am a consultant for companies and institutions, I often write articles and give lectures.

I am studying the confluence of physical and virtual space and the introduction of technology in the public space to counteract the escape of communication towards the virtual space. I am passionate about biomimetics and about my job in general, and consider myself very fortunate for it.

To find out more about what I do, you can visit “La Versión Cuántica” at I hope you will find it interesting.

PS. If you want to join the Facebook group eu:abierto, send us an email with an introductory text and a sample of your work that we can publish in this blog.

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