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WHATIFCITIES: workshop with students in Louisiana

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The exhibition What if…? cities is ongoing until the Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen. Meanwhile the staff of Louisiana organise workshops with several schools from Denmark. We publish today the sentence produced by those students. They’ve been asked to finish up the question What if? and in the workshop they build their own cities (starting around their own school) and thinking of how to make the city more sustainable.


What if?

Pupils from Rungsted school, 8B

What if there wasn´t any cars?

What if everyone only had one car and only used it in emergency situations?

What if we could use the energy made in water to our advantage?

What if all our energy came from natural sources like the sun and wind?

What if we could revise everything that we have done?

What if we only used energy from the sun?

What if everybody had a bicycle?

What if we had no aeroplanes?

What if people could be satisfied and wouldn´t keep asking for more?

What if all the energy produced from the weight of the cars on the road could be used for heat and electricity?

What if every house produced more energy than it used?

What if there were only public transport in the city?

What if there were gardens on all the roofs in the city?


What if?

Pupils from Frederiksunds gymnasium (upper secondary school)

What if ashes could be reused?

What if public transport was cheaper?

What if all cars used renewable energy?

What if all transport went under the city?

What if public transport was free?

What if god was one of us?

What if we could have cars driving on water energy?

What if we had car free Sundays?

What if we had car free zones in the city?

What if everybody cared about the nature?

What if we had no neon signs?

What if everybody planted a tree?

What if nature dominated the world again?


What if?

Pupils from Blovstrød school, 5B

What if everyone lived on high stilts so we could have forest and farming everywhere?

What if we could make cars that could accelerate by the use of a rubber band?

What if we used animals instead of lawn mowers?

What if oil was worth nothing so nobody wants to buy it?

What if you could make energy from people running?

What if you could get energy from people doing workout?

What if we in two days didn´t use any electricity?

What if we twice a week were not allowed to take the car?

What if there were only electric cars?

What if you could transform sound to energy so you could make energy from shouting?

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