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transparent media facade > Mediamesh®

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Mediamesh® is a stainless steel mesh fabric with interwoven LED profiles and with connected media controls installed behind it. The LEDs render the images onto the facade, providing the ability to display a wide spectrum of graphics, animated text and video.


is a transparent system that does not completely close off the facade. The architecture of the building is thus not destroyed and, when turned off, the Mediamesh® facade is also integrated as a harmonious element of the architectural design. Mediamesh® marks itself through a sophisticated design and is flexibly integrated into the facade architecture according to the specifications of the building. The production technology of Mediamesh® enables the supply of rolls of fully assembled Mediamesh® fabric webs all ready for installation.


Mediamesh® offers architects, investors and building users a large spectrum of new design possibilities: architects can medialize their buildings, adding a dynamic dimension to their architecture. A Mediamesh® facade is an excellent support for the architectural core concept, allowing for its continued development over time and keeping it up-to-date. Investors and building users can use Mediamesh® to communicate and enhance their presence on location as well as to broadcast company messages from the inside to the outside in a unique and innovative fashion.






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