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We want to introduce to you Francesco Tomasi, a new member of ecosistemaurbano:abierto.

My name is Francesco, I am an Italian architect but have lived in Madrid for a long time. Right now I live and work in Viena, in Reinberg’s studio, where all the projects we develop are based on an ecological basis and pursue optimising energy efficiency. Reinberg is a prestigious architect “working” on solar architecture. He works on the complete construction process, from the design to the completion of the project. He has obtained very good results on the construction site in terms of minimising CO2 emissions and energy consumption, as well as reducing the volume of waste. Here it is common to study and use materials such as earth and straw and their possible applications. However, the key idea tends to be making good use of the sun in all possible ways, active solar and passive solar. Reinberg has been one of the initiators and promoters of green houses in architecture, private and public. After finishing a master on eco-sustainable architecture, my interest on this topic has vastly grown and I am aiming to create a website focusing on the subject.

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