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More than 6000 visits a month

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This month we have received a nice surprise: our blog has more than 6000 visist a month and we have reached the number of 4000 visitors a month. We are also happy to have 140 people subscribed to the Spanish version and 59 to the English version – they receive our news daily in their mail or in their favourite feed. This is really a wonderful surprise. We are very happy with the blog. We would like it to become even more participative, a catalyst for creative and innovative people, ideas and projects. We are open to all your proposals – just write to us. We want to offer this space to (interesting) people for publishing their ideas and projects.
I also want to introduce some new projects. We are very interested in the new phenomenon of Social Network, specially sites like Facebook, which we are already using for our community (eu:abierto). Well, we have just launched another community in facebook for students. All students are welcome to join (write in English as you please!!).

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