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In Berlin: Reclaiming Dark Spaces

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Artists in Berlin utilize a forgotten beer cellar, an old soviet bunker and an abandoned power station.

Berlin is well known for it’s population’s frequent reclamation of abandoned tenement buildings, but the past couple of years have seen an even more impressive trend of the reuse of seemingly uninhabitable dark spaces for art showings and cultural gatherings.

Galerie Unter Berlin
Eight meters below ground, Galerie unter Berlin exists in the cellar of a former brewery. The 500 square meter space recently opened to the public in fall 2010 and serves as a venue for gallery art and performance pieces.

The dark space and creative lighting creates a dramatic effect that highlights the unique nature of the location and the art pieces featured, which always incorporate at least two different forms of creative expression.

Location: Straßburgersraße 53, 10405 Berlin

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Buros Sammlung

The bunker that once held members of the soviet army, served as a fruit storage center, a textile warehouse and then as a techno- fetish- club that would host illegal parties, now provides the gallery space for the the Christian Buros private art collection.

The view within the bunker would be virtually pitch-black without lighting, which artists like Olafur Eliasson take advantage of, creating breathtaking light installations that incorporate the unique bunker space itself.

Location: Reinhardtstraße 30, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

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A power station of the former East German government turned exhibition venue, Trafo, describes itself as a space for cultural and societal change. All the  exhibitions, performances, concerts and other events that Trafo hosts  have a focus on Interdisciplinary collaboration and sustainability.

Concerned by current societal focus on individualism and the superiority of infinite economic growth without regard to the earth’s limited resources, Trafo believes that a change of ethical values is overdue.This venue serves as a place for creative, future-forward thinkers to engage in discussion about urbanism, new land-use, and flexible stucture.

Trafo‘s goal is to combine discussions of best-practise and utopia to produce creative strategies for urban social change.

Location:Köpenicker Straße 59 -73, 10179 Berlin-Mitte


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