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Hamar Experience Without Ads

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Yesterday’s Hamar Experience was all about Technology. We were lucky to have to exceptional guests, Bjarte Ytre-Arne and his friend Terje Berg. The first will be the community activator of the onsite Technology workshop. As a homage to them, we are going to show you how to skip the ads when watching the Experience (hurray!).

It is very easy. All you have to do is to install a little program, Adblock Plus, and you will be ready to surf the web without annoying ads.

I have been using it for Chrome for weeks without any problem, and it is also avalaible for Firefox (Ecosistema Urbano has it installed for months, and no computer has complained yet).

1) Download AdBlock Plus

2) Install the complement AdBlock Plus on Firefox

3) Restart Firefox and select a filter (Easy English is the one I use)

For a more detailed explanation, you can watch the step by step installation video at the begining of the post.

See you next Monday at 18:00 (Madrid, Norway time) without ads!

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Stay ifonratmive, San Diego, yeah boy!

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