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Expo2008 – Zaragoza – Galicia pavilion

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ecosistema urbano has won, together with EXPOCIENCIA the competition for designing the pavilion for Galicia (a Spanish autonomy) at the Expo to take place in Zaragoza in 2008. The competition was called by Jubileo de Galicia (linked with Saint James of Compostele Pilgrim Way).
The idea of the project is the following: In Galicia there are many different forms of water – the sea, the ocean, rivers, springs, rain, dew… We don’t need to convince anyone about their quality nor their abundant presence. Water is present in all the elements that make the landscape of Galicia. Water is its sustenance and its wealth. It is its soul and its reason for being. The pavilion is a fair way for Galicia to pay homage to water.

To show this wealth and present the different waters in Galicia, we will bring them all to the pavilion, with their specifications, colours and qualities. There are 315 municipalities in Galicia, each one having a very close relation with the water that runs across its territory. These waters tell stories about families, villages, cultures, industries… We propose collecting 24 samples of water (see, river, tap, spring, fountain…) from each municipality. We will bottle them in air-tight recycled PET containers and label them to show where they come from and some information about their chemical composition. All the containers will make up a wall of bottled water. A full range of samples of the waters in Galicia. A bottled territory.

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