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eutv for participation!

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We have done some changes in eutv wiki –we invite you to visit it again. This site aims to show what is being done in the project and to be a platform for participation with ideas or proposal for the improvement of all that you see necessary.

We mean it when we talk about getting involved with and taking part in other projects. We know it is unusual, so here are some examples of how you can work with us:

Companies can support, finance or offer services in exchange for visibility in the project.

Universities can do a visibility exchange, bearing in mind that professors and students can publicise their works and research on sustainability through our website.
We are particularly interested in projects that go beyond the academic approach – we would like to promote participative projects that require researchers to get in touch with all kinds of people.

Local governments wanting to do work on sustainability in their town can be publicised in our platform in exchange for local publicity of our multimedia contents.

Museums can offer events for promoting sustainability, like exhibitions or workshops that we can help organising.

If you have a website about sustainability, you can share your contents and exchange links. If you want, you can become a moderator and dynamizer of one of our sections.

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