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ecosistema urbano is an innovative agency focused on the understanding of the city as a complex phenomenon, from a special point of view between architecture, urbanism, engineering and sociology. The team’s field of interest is defined by something they call ‘creative urban sustainability’, from where to react to the present situation of cities through innovation, creativity and particularly action.

ecosistema urbano was founded in 2000 in Madrid and it is formed by a group of creative professionals in architecture and connected disciplines.

Its principal members have been educated by different European universities (Madrid, London, Brussels, Rome, Paris) and come from diverse urban environments. They have been engaged in teaching as visiting professors and were giving workshops and lectures at the most prestigious institutions worldwide (Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Cornell, Iberoamericana, RIBA, Copenhagen, Munich, Paris, Milan, Shanghai …) while situating urban action and intervention at the most local settings of cities in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Since 2000, their work has been nationally and internationally awarded in more than 30 occasions.

This is part of the exhibition looking through ecosistema urbano eyes, included in the FORMEL_ X architecture series, curated by Kristien Ring.

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