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Emergency Architects Foundation

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Emergency Architects Foundation
was founded in April 2001 by Patrick Coulombel after the floods in the Somme and Oise departments in France. It is now a foundation reconnue d’utilité publique, with two other national sections in Canada and in Australia.

The main objectives of the Emergency Architects Foundation are:

1. to support and develop Architects’ humanitarian engagement in France and worldwide and thus to contribute to the development of architecture,
2. to train Architects with skills to help populations affected by natural, technological or human disasters,
3. to encourage Architects training in France and in the World
4. to preserve and promote the architectural, historical and cultural world heritage.

The foundation undertakes 10 programs in the following countries: Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Peru, Sri Lanka and Chad, within emergency or development actions in favour of affected populations. The Emergency Architects Foundation is also present in Australia and in Canada through national chapters.

533 people from 19 different nationalities work for the organization in order to insure the completion of the programs. Overall, more than 1,200 architects and engineers have been involved in Emergency Architects achievements in 21 countries.

Fields of operation

The foundation takes place in the following operations:

* Cartographic Evaluation Missions, in order to allow to the architects to quickly understand the disaster and its consequences on the population, to estimate the extent of damage, to identify and define the human and logistical means to be implemented for the immediate safety of populations and their quick rehousing.

* Safety of the populations by the installation of safety perimeters around damaged construction which could present potential danger, survey public services and housing, organize strategies for stabilisation or evacuation of inhabitants in case of danger.

* Missions in Refugee camps which answer the need for a roof, but without knowledge of the surrounding environment and the individual needs of refugees, camps can often generate disastrous social and human consequences.

* Professional training to allow sensitization to the concept of risk, the development the strategic role of professionals in the areas of urbanization and construction compatible with risk management, an assistance to local populations in self-building techniques and the creation of training workshops for uptake of news technologies and techniques.


web: Emergency Architects Foundation

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Hello! If you are interested in Sustainable Emergency Architecture, you may visit, the site of the official Master of International Cooperation of the ESARQ UIC school in Barcelona (, that prepares architects to develop and rebuild communities affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters and collaborate with well-known NGO as Architecture For Humanity, Mundus Urbano and UnHabitat. You will find also information about events and featured articles about Sustainable Emergency Architecture.

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