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urban acupuncture | ecoboulevard

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The whole proposal for the eco-boulevard in Vallecas can be defined as an urban recycling operation consisting of the following actions: insertion of an air tree-social dynamizer, over an existing urbanization area, densification of existing alignment trees and reduction and asymmetric arrangement of wheeled traffic circulation. Superficial interventions reconfiguring the existing urbanization (perforations, fillings, paint, etc.) that defaces the executed development.

The barrel-shaped structures of the Air Trees are equipped with plants and define public spaces where locals can meet and interact with each other. The Air Trees can be thought of as temporary prosthesis. Their role is to contribute to a better climate until trees in the area have grown. Once the climatic conditions have improved, the Air Tree can be removed and placed in another public space with the same need for reactivation.

The use of technology plays on this project a critical and decisive role as it adapts to an authentic and specific context. The architectural potential of technology lies on its reprogramming and combination with other elements, so that true architectural ready-mades are configured. In this case, climatic adaptation techniques normally employed in the farming industry are borrowed.

The simple climatic adaptation systems installed, which are often used in greenhouses create climatically adapted environments  lowering down the temperature by 8ºC–10ºC in summer.

This is part of the exhibition looking through ecosistema urbano eyes, included in the FORMEL_ X architecture series, curated by Kristien Ring.

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