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coolearth, solar energy

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Coolearth technology is disruptive and available today! We are cost competitive with fossil fuel power plants and we are pursuing the rapid deployment of our technology.


Coolearth solar energy plants consist of inflated mirror concentrators which gather sunlight and focus it onto photovoltaic cells. These concentrators increase the energy impacting the solar cells many times over and cost orders of magnitude less per collected area than conventional mirrors. Their strong structure can withstand 100 mph winds and protects the mirrored surface and receiver from rain, insects, dirt, and the elements.

Coolearth concentrators are suspended in series on support and control cables stretched between poles. By suspending the concentrators, vast areas of land can be easily converted for solar energy production, with limited environmental impact. The ground beneath the concentrators remains free for other uses, such as farming or ranching.


Here is a copy of our Solar Power 2006 Presentation in PDF format.

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