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11 Blogs for Urbanists

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These 11 blogs will help you keep on top of news and views about various aspects of urbanism and city life in 2011. An urban planning news website, featuring articles, op-eds, jobs, courses and information for the urban planning, design and development. (@Planetizen)

PriceTags: Gordon Price is a former Vancouver city councillor and the Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University. His blog gives readers an insider’s perspective of urban issues. While it with a focus on Vancouver, he cover topics of interest to anybody interested in urbanism.

Urbanophile: Aaron M. Renn’s blog focusing on helping America’s cities thrive and find success in the 21st century. He offers unique perspectives and innovative strategies for cities and their residents. (@Urbanophile).

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space:Richard Layman blog on placemaking, historic preservation and urban design. His emphasis in on Washington, DC but his posts contain useful “lessons for all cities.

All About Cities: This blog by Wendy Waters explores the economy, society, communities, people, businesses, organizations, infrastructure, civil society and government of cities—and the tensions and connections between them. I have a natural affinity for Wendy and her writing as she has lived in both Arizona and British Columbia ☺(@Wendy_Waters)

CEO for Cities: A civic laboratory of today’s urban leaders catalyzing a movement to advance the next generation of great American cities. Posts by Carol Colletta (@CColetta) and Julia Klaiber (@JuliaKlaiber).

Creative Class Exchange: Richard Florida and his Creative Class team write about urbanism, economic competitiveness, demographic trends, and cultural and technological innovation. (@Richard_Florida)

Walkable DFW: The ‘thought laboratory’ of Patrick Kennedy, a professional urban planner and designer based in Dallas. The blog explores how bionomics relate to self-organizing, emergent urbanism. (@WalkableDFW)

PSFK: “The go-to source for new ideas for creative business.” While urbanism isn’t this blogs major focus, it regularly touches on several issues related to cities. (@PSFK)

Next American City: A national magazine created for and by a new generation of urban thinkers and leaders. Their Buzz blog features constantly good content on all aspects of urbanism. (@NextAmCity)

The City Fix: A global blog and social network devoted to news, advocacy and “best practice” solutions for sustainable cities around the world. (@TheCityFix)


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