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Ecosistema Urbano’s proposal for West Palm Beach… now published!

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We are very excited to share with all of you the final document of our proposal for West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

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Blanca Abramek | eu collaborators

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Today we introduce Blanca Abramek, an architecture student who did an internship with us last spring/summer. She did a great work actively helping us with the design and selection of contents for a book about Dreamhamar that we are now (finally!) finishing.

Blanca Abramek -  by Emilio P. Doiztúa

In her own words:

I’m in my final year of Architecture and Graphic Design at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA. As researcher at the Positive Psychology Center, I am investigating the relationship between urban design and well- being.

Because of my interest in fine arts, cultural anthropology, psychology and film I like to look at design from a holistic perspective. In my opinion architecture relies on an interdisciplinary exchange in which lies the opportunity for architects to seek broader strategies for impact. I believe that in today’s world we, architects and urban designers, need to seek radical new channels of influence that move design away from focusing only on providing professional services and toward a more ambitious role of cultural leadership in the built and social environments.

Blanca Abramek at Ecosistema Urbano

Here is a short summary about Blanca:

Occupation: Student
Interests: Dance, travel
City/country: Warsaw, PL
Social profiles: @tendrebarbare
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Both photos were taken at our office in Madrid. The first –amazing– one is by Emilio P. Doiztúa.

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WHAT IF…….? CITIES ideas in Michigan, USA

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El pasado mes de abril lanzamos la campaña del proyecto expositivo WHAT IF…….? CITIES desde ecosistema urbano. Por ello invitamos a participar a todas las personas que conocemos dentro de nuestro ámbito profesional. continue reading

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Obama's ambitions for architecture

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President-elect Barak Obama and Vice-President-elect Joe Biden have both said publicly that if they weren’t politicians, they would be architects. So when the two men take office in late January 2009, all eyes will be on America’s First and Second Architects. What will the Obama Biden Administration do to jumpstart the world’s largest economy? And how will architects be affected? WAN Correspondent Sharon McHugh sifts through Obama’s policy papers to see what’s in store for our industry. continue reading