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Here Comes the Sun

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Silicon Valley has changed the world once. Now, thanks to a wave of investment and innovation in solar power, it’s on to the next revolution: A massive disruption of the U.S. electricity market.

(Business 2.0 Magazine) — There’s a missile-bunker vibe you get when walking into Solaicx, a Silicon Valley startup that manufactures the silicon wafers that are the building blocks of solar panels. continue reading

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The Vertical Farm

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The concept of indoor farming is not new, since hothouse production of tomatoes, a wide variety of herbs, and other produce has been in vogue for some time. What is new is the urgent need to scale up this technology to accommodate another 3 billion people. An entirely new approach to indoor farming must be invented, employing cutting edge technologies. continue reading

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$2 Wind Energy for the third-world

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Shawn Frayne, a young inventor based in Mountain View, California, is the creator of Windbelt, a new device for wind-energy production based on an aerodynamic phenomenon known as aeroelastic flutter.

This phenomenon is a well-known destructive force and it caused, for example, the Washington’s Tacoma Narrows Bridge to collapse in 1940 (video). Researchers at Humdinger (this is the name of the company pushing forward the Windbelt technology) have discovered that it can also be a useful and powerful mechanism for ‘catching the wind’ at a variety of scales and costs beyond the reach of traditional turbines.

continue reading

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Revolutionizing Architecture to Address the Global Energy Crisis and Climate Change

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During the last Biannale of Architecture 08 in Venice,  Enric Ruiz-Geli and Jeremy Rifkin promoted this manifesto: Revolutionizing Architecture to Address the Global Energy Crisis and Climate Change.

We, the architects of the world, recognize that the increase in energy costs is leading to a slow down in the global economy and creating hardships for families everywhere; continue reading

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The Altran Foundation 2008 Award

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Eleven international scientific experts, members of the 2008 Altran Foundation’s Jury, got together to evaluate the 28 applications short-listed for the international scientific Award. This year, the theme is “Reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere: our technological challenge”. During this meeting, 6 Finalists (3 French, 1 Spanish, 1 Dutch, 1 Italian) continue reading

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Symbiocity – sustainability by sweden

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SymbioCity promotes holistic and sustainable urban development – finding potential synergies in urban functions and unlocking their efficiency and profitability. continue reading

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Google Sketchup – Free Energy Modeling

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Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) recently revealed a free plug-in for Google SketchUp that will allow anyone to perform energy modeling on projects. continue reading

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Solarspot, The tubular skylight

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As we know, the natural sunlight is an indispensable source of life for the living organisms; for the man,
however, it plays various roles with remarkable psychological effects not exclusively bound to the quality of the vision of individuals, but for their well-being as well: the feeling of a well aired place, the perception of the true natural colours, the regulation of the biological cycles. The abstention from its benefits for long periods is the principal cause of some depressing pathologies. continue reading

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Ever thought about buying your own country? continue reading

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Passive House: Comfort through Efficiency

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The Passive House ( is the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction: Energy saved on heating is 80% compared to conventional standards of new buildings. The energy requirement for heating is lower than 10 to 20 kWh/(m²a) (depending on climate), adding up to a low cost of 10 to 25 € per month. Therefore high energy prices are no longer a threat to Passive House occupants. continue reading