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Landscape Lessons in Genoa (italy)

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Savignone (Genoa), Colonia at Renesso, 3 – 25 May 2008

Press conference: Monday, 28. April 2008, 12 am Palace of the Province (Ge)

Saturday, 3th May 2008
opening: 10 am
– presentation of UPC-ACMA International Master of Architecture of the Landscape [Barcelona/Milan], 11 am
– vernissage photographic exhibition: “Sguardi nel paesaggio. Un resoconto sulla fotografia italiana contemporanea”, 4 pm
– vernissage installations site specific, 6 pm

Landscape Lessons are a series of meetings, happenings, art exhibitions and temporary art installations that will be arranged at the Colonia at Renesso. The building is an example of the first Italian Rationalism, designed by the engineer Camillo Nardi Greco in 1933. It is located in the district of Savignone (Genoa) in the inland parts of Liguria. Since the XXth century it has been a well known resort.

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Lara Freire – architecture and cinema

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My name is Lara Freire. My interest in cinema started as a kid; at the age of 6, my mother, a big film lover who spent her days taping movies on beta tapes, took me to acting lessons and that woke up the monster inside me.
I started in front of the cameras and as time went by I began to feel more and more attracted to the people who were running backwards and forwards, behind, in the dark…

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