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Rome City Vision Architecture Competition

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CITYVISION/ROME is a competition of ideas which challenges students, architects, engineers, designers and creative people to present their project proposals with the purpose of stimulating, joining and supporting the contemporary city, in this case Rome, through innovative ideas which can improve their connection between the historical and future fabric aimed to a correct evolution of the architectural historiography. continue reading

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2011 Open ARchiTecture Challenge: Ghana

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Goal of the challenge is to design and build units of a model arts village in Ghana with a budget of $42,000-$62,000 and earth under the feet. The competition is a part of the Foundation’s ongoing project: tapping local resources for sustainable development in the African settings in the 21st century. We are interested in design solutions that integrate art into architecture for a more sustainable future. Join us! A grand prize winner and twenty top finalists and will be chosen. Show the world how to re-invent the African semi-suburb! Establish your name, and contribute your ideas and designs to a real need. continue reading

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#followarch On Office

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Every friday, Twitter’s users have got into the habit of selecting and suggesting someone interesting to follow. This action has become a weekly international event and it is called #followfriday.
[Ecosistema Urbano] has been inspired by this to create a new section known as #followarch. It is focused on recomending architecture offices who are worth following.

If you are interested in being part of this section please send us completed our contact form.

We are pelased to present you this week the Portuguese office: ON OFFICE. continue reading

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The Open Source House Competition

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The OPEN SOURCE HOUSE design competition started on January 15th, 2010 and is open for team or individual participation. The challenge is to design a sustainable, flexible and locally embedded one family house for a specific location in Ghana. The modular construction should be suitable for local implementation and affordable for its future owners. The winning design(s) will be built in Ghana.

continue reading

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Conferencia Espais de trobada, llocs comuns en el Barcelona Institute of Architecture

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Hornos Romanos en Vilassar de Dalt - foto de Adrià Goula

El próximo martes día 15 de diciembre el Barcelona Institute of Architecture (BIArch) organizará la tercera BIArch Open Lecture a cargo de Toni Gironès llamada Espais de trobada, llocs comuns que será presentada por Pere Riera. continue reading

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IAAC THESIS PROJECTS 2009. Brynhildur Guðlaugs de Reikiavik, Islandia

Category: ⚐ ES+arquitectura+eu:abierto

Hoy presentamos el trabajo de Brynhildur Guðlaugs, arquitecta de Reikiavik, Islandia. Su propuesta, con el título Sensual landscape (Paisaje Sensual), es un centro de aguas termales o balneario para los excursionistas que practican el senderismo por la región de Torfajokull en Islandia. Esta zona deshabitada ubicada al sur de Islandia es una de las más importantes zonas termales del país y debe su nombre al glaciar Torfajokull. El funcionamiento de las instalaciones es una adaptación de las aguas termales ya existentes en la zona. continue reading

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new life in old walls

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This post is by you.

I am an architecture student from Germany and would like to share my last semester\’s urban design project with you. It was a group work focusing on the revitalization of a city quarter in the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Damascus, Syria. We proposed up-to-date housing in the traditional courtyard houses and a new cultural center on what has been urban wasteland for centuries. continue reading

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Architecture and Entropy

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+sustainability

What do we think or talk when we refer to Sustain and Develop in the last years and for the forthcoming future? How can architects confront their work and ideas within the paradox that any new building, any new city will inevitably disrupt the natural ecology? continue reading

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Sustained development Hong Kong style:Architecture of Density

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Architecture of Density, an exhibition of large scale color photographs by Michael Wolf.

Wolf has lived and worked in Hong Kong for ten years. Stimulated by the region’s complex urban dynamics, he makes dizzying photographs of its architecture.
One of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world, Hong Kong has an overall density of nearly 6,700 people per square kilometer. The majority of its citizens live in flats in high-rise buildings. In Architecture of Density, Wolf investigates these vibrant city blocks, finding a mesmerizing abstraction in the buildings’ facades. continue reading

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call for papers: Hibrydation and cross-culturality in contemporary habitation

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+urbanism

Through the public bid won by means of the project presented to the aids to the investigation regarding architecture in the year 2007, from the old Ministry of Public Works and Transportation and today dependent on the Ministry of Housing and Planning of the Territory of Junta of Andalusia, a line of investigation is defined regarding the manners of coexistence and habitation in the Andalusian territory in the near future, within 20 and 40 years, that shape evolutions and generate possibilities according to variables that today, each day, we can perceive as determinants of cultural transformation. continue reading