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We’ve put together a bit of information about some of the top environmentally responsible design blogs (in english) out there. Bookmark them and share your comments! Networking via blog platforms develops design ideas and forwards ecologically-minded efforts.   Enjoy!

You can find the direct links to the websites here:




Jetson Green

The designers accord

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[…] Ecosistema Urbano, an agency that runs a website on the topic of “creative urban sustainability,” recently listed the top environmentally-responsible design blogs with this site included. EU also published the Prezi above saying Jetson Green is a “blogger and tweeter extraordinaire … [that] brings followers the latest strategies for building sustainable homes with natural materials and green technologies.” Here are the other four: […]

Check out! it's quite new but I like all the designs they post!

inhabitat? a few years ago they were amazing, but now it's more than half conspicuous consumption wrapped in bamboo or questionably sustainably harvested wood, has an ipod shoved in it, or is renderings of a product or building that will never be built. it's mostly greenwash and theoretical design, not real green news.

[…] Ecosistema Urbano, Inhabitat, Treehugger, MoCo Loco, 그리고 The Designers Accord이다. […]

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