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Tallest Building in the U.S. Becomes Solar Farm

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When people get to talking about the greenest city in the U.S., they’re usually referring to Portland, Oregon, which boasts an exceptionally, historically environmentally conscious, pro-active citizenship. Chicago, with its famous theater, symphony, and Navy Pier bi-weekly summer firework displays,  is usually acknowledged for its art and music.

However, Chicago deserves more recognition for its architecture, which has, in recent years, boasted some of the greenest (and I mean this quite literally) initiatives in the country. Like many U.S. city Mayors, Richard M. Daley announced his intention to make Chicago the greenest city in America. He began this transformation by transforming the Chicago City Hall rooftop into a green garden. Other Chicago dwellers followed suit, greening up businesses and homes with vertical and rooftop gardens.By 2009, Chicago was the city with the most LEED certified buildings in the country.

This week though,  we’ve learned that Chicago is taking its environmentally friendly architectural history one step further. The Willis Tower, formally known as the sears center, will be adding a vertical solar farm on the 56th floor.

The Willis tower is tall – really tall. In fact this ¨planting¨ means there will soon be a vertical solar farm on the tallest building in America!

While Chicago is definitely not the most environmentally conscious city in America, as it lacks the extent of aggressive sustainable development policies and pro-active citizen initiatives that Portland owns, Chicago’s leadership in promoting ¨green¨ architecture is really something special.

Chicago is the city of the arts – it’s a visual city. Adorning the tallest building in the country with solar panels represents and promotes sustainable development  as a partner of the American city.

The 1.3 million tourists who come to gape at the willis building each year will now have a bit greener of an image of what 21st century urbanism can be. I propose the addition of a vertical  garden next…

(Vertical garden at Caixa Forum, Madrid)

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From Streetscape to Cityscape: Remodelling Thomas B. Thriges Gade

Category: competitions+ecosistema urbano+urbanism+⚐ EN

Ecosistema Urbano is participating in the urban development competition From Streetscape to Cityscape: remodelling Thomas B. Thriges Gade in a team together with the two Danish agencies Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Kristine Jensens Tegnestue.

Among 25 teams 7 teams have been selected to make their proposal for the remodelling of the street Thomas B. Thriges Gade in the historical city center of Odense, the third largest city of Denmark.

Since the 1960′s the city center of Odense has been divided into two parts by the 4 lane street of Thomas B. Thriges Gade, which was established as an effort to modernize Odense. On a daily basis 35,000 cars are passing the street. Having served as an thoroughfare for many years, the street is now being remodelled as a step in the sustainable development of the city. When the new bridge Odins Bro will be finished in 2014, the main car traffic will be led around the city center as part of the Planning Strategy for Odense.

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MetaBoulevard: democratizing the Chicago boulevard network

Category: competitions+urbanism+⚐ EN

Ecosistema Urbano is pleased to present the project of our collaborator Noa Peer, awarded an Honorable Mention in the international competition “NETWORK RESET” an international design competition to rethink the Chicago Boulevard System.

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In Berlin: Reclaiming Dark Spaces

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Artists in Berlin utilize a forgotten beer cellar, an old soviet bunker and an abandoned power station.

Berlin is well known for it’s population’s frequent reclamation of abandoned tenement buildings, but the past couple of years have seen an even more impressive trend of the reuse of seemingly uninhabitable dark spaces for art showings and cultural gatherings.

Galerie Unter Berlin
Eight meters below ground, Galerie unter Berlin exists in the cellar of a former brewery. The 500 square meter space recently opened to the public in fall 2010 and serves as a venue for gallery art and performance pieces.

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Cáceres: strategic planning for innovation and creativity

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In the context of the extensive process to develop the Innovative and Creative Urban Strategic Plan (Plan Estratégico de Innovación y Creatividad Urbana), Cacéres City Council is calling INTA to help make its project a national and international reference.

The panel is intervening between the participatory and the design phases. INTA will involve its membership network in this challenging participatory process leading to an Innovative and Creative Urban Strategic Plan. INTA will expand on the proposals already made by several local working groups and comments received from external observers, providing a wider international input to the process.

Ecosistema Urbano, represented by Belinda Tato, will take part in this event.

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Ciudad Híbrida|Smart Cities: entrevista a Manu Fernandez (Ciudades a Escala Humana)

Category: espacios sensibles | sentient city+nuevas tecnologías+urbanism+⚐ ES

Sigo con la serie de post “Ciudad Híbrida|Smart Cities”, después de la entrevista a Mª José Miralles Jordá y a Paco Gonzalez (, hoy publico la entrevista a Manu Fernandez autor del blog “Ciudades a Escala Humana“.

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what if…?cities:Obama's vision for Urban and Metropolitan Policy

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“Now, the first thing we need to recognize is that this is not just a time of challenge for America’s cities; it’s also a time of great change.  Even as we’ve seen many of our central cities continuing to grow in recent years, we’ve seen their suburbs and exurbs grow roughly twice as fast — that spreads homes and jobs and businesses to a broader geographic area.  And this transformation is creating new pressures and problems”.
“So what’s needed now is a new, imaginative, bold vision tailored to this reality that brings opportunity to every corner of our growing metropolitan areas” (Obama)

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[Recycling urban infrastructures] High Line Park NYC

Category: design+findings+proyectos+r[eu]cycling+urbanism+⚐ EN

highline park11

It’s a rare day indeed when we see [specially in urban scale] a brave project that amazes all of us, and I think this is one of those…
Apart from the “cool” new-yorker look, is some kind of relief that one of many awesome urban-scale proposals has been carried out. It had to happen in New York and lead the way in the U.S. of recycling and not demolishing when a construction stops being in use or is not profitable anymore. I suppose this frecuent situation is due to a lack of legislation to protect buildings that has special interest, but I think this is a cultural issue…

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fisheye sessions #12

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more office work on Fuencarral Special Plan… this time:

Glorieta de Quevedo. fisheye view from the gruond

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call for papers: Hibrydation and cross-culturality in contemporary habitation

Category: architecture+urbanism+⚐ EN

Through the public bid won by means of the project presented to the aids to the investigation regarding architecture in the year 2007, from the old Ministry of Public Works and Transportation and today dependent on the Ministry of Housing and Planning of the Territory of Junta of Andalusia, a line of investigation is defined regarding the manners of coexistence and habitation in the Andalusian territory in the near future, within 20 and 40 years, that shape evolutions and generate possibilities according to variables that today, each day, we can perceive as determinants of cultural transformation.

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For a long time now I’ve been obsessed with suburban and exurban master-planned communities and how to make them better. But as the economy and the mortgage crisis just seem to get worse, and gas prices continue to plunge, the issues around housing have changed dramatically. The problem now isn’t really how to better design homes and communities, but rather what are we going to do with all the homes and communities we’re left with.

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Pop-Up Landscapes and Wiki Urban Planning Workshop at HANGAR/Barcelona

Category: architecture+city+eco-blog+new technologies+open culture+urbanism+⚐ EN


Exploring New Visualisation Tools for Community Participation in the
Transformations of the Built Environment

Pop-Up Landscapes and Wiki Urban Planning Workshop
26-27-28 Feb 2009 – Hangar Barcelona

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WRI on Bus Rapid Transit v. Light Rail

Category: sustainability+urbanism+⚐ EN

What’s the smarter solution for bringing mobility to 21st century cities: bus rapid transit (BRT) or light rail? With questions this big, it’s important to consider all the perspectives.

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OPEN SOURCE CITIES SERIES 1: Retrofitting Suburbia

Category: urbanism+⚐ EN


Architects Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson confront the challenge of redeveloping abandoned suburban retail space in their new book, Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs (Wiley Press, 2009). The detailed text also explores several creative solutions in which progressive planning has reinvigorated suburban communities nationwide. PM spoke to Dunham-Jones about the challenge of replacing dying malls and the culture of the car with pedestrian-centered residential and retail development.
—Harry Sawyers

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uncommon maps#1_happiness

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“The geography of happiness

Where does one find happiness? Whether you live in Puerto Rico or in Latvia (the nation with the highest suicide rate) can make a difference. One usually tends to think of happiness as something personal: individuals, not nations, are (or can be) happy. So the question is: is happiness a subjective reality (“feeling good”) or do objective conditions exist (“being fine”) that let us define a common standard?

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[bracket]: call for entries

Category: architecture+internet+urbanism+⚐ EN

is a collaboration of Archinect and InfraNet Lab, and is composed of a collection of diverse editors and an open-source contributing membership.

[bracket] is an annual publication documenting issues overlooked yet central to our cultural milieu that have evolved out of the new disciplinary territory at the intersection of architecture, landscape, urbanism and, now, the internet. It is no coincidence that the professional term architect can also now refer to information architects, and that the word community can also now refer to an online community. [bracket] is a publishing platform for ideas charting the complex overlap of the sphere of architecture and online social spheres.

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fisheye sessions #11

Category: findings+proyectos+urbanism+⚐ EN


Glorieta de Bilbao [Madrid]

-fisheye view from the ground-

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fisheye sessions #10

Category: city+creativity+urbanism+⚐ EN


Glorieta de Bilbao [Madrid]

-fisheye view from top-

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sonic city

Category: urbanism+⚐ EN

Nocturnal dub ambiances, pollution as echo chambers, drumming traffic noises, singing street lights… Scratching tramway bells by approaching walls, grabbing metallic railing as guitar strings, turning corners towards a chorus… Music creation with Sonic City is a co-production of user actions and urban conditions. It is experienced as a dynamic improvisation in context and continual rediscovery of everyday urban settings. Encounters, events, architecture, (mis)behaviours… all affect the music and become means of interacting with or ‘playing the city’.

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Urbania Festival 29-30-31/01/2009 Bologna Italy

Category: architecture+events+research+sustainability+urbanism+⚐ EN


Urbania Festival 29-30-31/01/2009 Bologna Italy

The Festival is focused on “the Hell and Paradise” of life in contemporary cities. Urbania, the Bologna urbanism festival, proposes to gather urbanists, landscape architects, artists and politicians from Italy and abroad. Lectures, talks and meetings held for three days in order to discuss about urban economy, town life and urban writing. Here, some of the preeminent international figures of architecture, economics, public administration, art and literature aim to exchange views on several themes.

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Welcome to this new project of the Architectural League of New York. Come see what we’re all about. Explore, read, listen, watch, and join in the conversation. We encourage your input – this is a soft launch, and we will be relying on your feedback to help us keep making the site better.

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fisheye sessions #9

Category: creativity+cultura abierta+urbanism+⚐ EN

Jacinto Benavente Square, Madrid [Top view]

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urbanism symposium

Category: events+medioambiente+sustainability+the environment+urbanism+⚐ EN

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fisheye sessions #8

Category: city+cultura abierta+urbanism+⚐ EN

Here we go with “fisheye sessions” issue #8…

Puerta del Sol [Madrid] -top view-

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fisheye sessions #7

Category: creatividad+urbanism+⚐ EN

Plaza del Carmen [Madrid]

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fisheye sessions #6

Category: research+urbanism+⚐ EN

more office work…

[Tirso de Molina square, Madrid]

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fisheye sessions #5

Category: research+urbanism+⚐ EN

another “hot spot” we are working on…

[Jacinto Benavente Square, Madrid]

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fisheye sessions #4

Category: architecture+sustainability+urbanism+⚐ EN

[Ludic-Tree. EcoBoulevard, Vallecas]

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fisheye sessions #3

Category: research+urbanism+⚐ EN

hi there! to continue showing nice pictures from the work we are developing about Fuencarral urban axis…

[Sol square, Madrid]

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Cyclistfriendly Copenhagen

Category: city+research+sustainability+the environment+transport+Uncategorized+urbanism+⚐ EN

The 1st of October – it happened! What many citizens of Copenhagen have been looking forward to. The day when they shut down one of the most busy streets for cars, Norrebrogade, Copenhagen N. The street is one of the main thoroughfares of the capital – and it will be permanently closed for three months.

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[ecosistema urbano]: urban landscape extension project in Maribor – Holcim Silver Award

Category: ecosistema urbano+urbanism+⚐ EN

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fisheye sessions #1

Category: city+findings+research+urbanism+⚐ EN

Hi! I’m going to start up a new thematic post series called “fisheye sessions” to show homemade views that can show other ways to interpret or analyze urban or suburban space.

In this case,  in relation to the work about Fuencarral axis that we are developing in the office, I shall show a fisheye view of the Gran Vía & Montera crossroads in Madrid.

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zoomarchitecture: Wikibivouac

Category: internet+new technologies+urbanism+⚐ EN

Official website HERE, full description of the project THERE

The Wikibivouac is a collaborative map which reappropriates space to create new uses of the city. The wiki element of contibutions from anyone aggregates information for improved transient occupancy of place. We understand the value of a local resident’s recommendations and guidance – when this infomation is pooled and accessed a visitor attains a greater understanding of the true availability of resources and locations shown on a static map.

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Category: city+findings+urbanism+⚐ EN
BURB.TV is a collaborative research wiki focusing on the urbanization of China. Each article is a topical blog or BURB into which texts, images, and discussion are submitted. Each BURB grows to expand into the larger knowledge of The Chinese Dream, a project that investigates the goal to build 400 new cities by 2020. The research is produced with visionaries, architects, planners and social scientists invited by the Dynamic City Foundation.