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More on the sustainability website for expo Zaragoza2008: We decided to use a wiki site as the collective working tool. We had only to choose a wiki site. After analysing various sites, I have chosen pbwiki. It feels pretty intuitive and graphically attractive.
The address is, we invite you to visit the site and take part in the construction of this new project.
For those who don’t yet know what we are talking about, there is more info here.

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Sustainability interactive site

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[ecosistema urbano] has been invited to take part in the exhibition “Zaragoza-Kioto architectures for a sustainable planet”, to be held in the Spanish Pavillion at Expo Zaragoza2008, together with twelve other international teams.

We have tried to find the way to make the best use of this opportunity for reaching the public, and we think it would be very interesting to let everybody express their opinions on sustainability: we want to offer our bloggers and readers the opportunity to be part of this exhibition. The idea is to develop and then “present” a new website about sustainability where experts and passionate people can share their knowledge.

It is going to be the first site about sustainability managed in web2.0 style, with inputs from anyone. On top of this, the site will be presented at the expo Zaragoza2008, a true international showcase.

It is our aim to increase participation levels, starting from the very first step of brainstorming and developing the website. We want bloggers to give their opinion, telling us how we can create a website as interactive as possible.

We have been trying to develop a system that enables an effective way for us to receive all sorts of advice, comments and critiques about this project. We will of course keep you up to date! For now, we want to ask you to post your comments through this blog.

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In English!

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We are pleased to say that the English version of the blog is back alive – we invite all of you English speakers to check it out using the link at the top of this site and send us your comments.

La versión en inglés del blog vuelve a la vida – invitamos a todos los angloparlantes a que la visitéis usando el link que aparece arriba y nos mandéis vuestros comentarios.

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Following our first call for applicants, thanks to which three Spanish students joined us at the Dubrovnik workshop, we are announcing new calls. We are presenting a new section in our blog called eu:calls. The next one is looking for applicants to take part in the OSSA urban workshops SILESIA MEGAPOLIS en Gliwice en Polonia. You can download the pdf with all the information here.

The workshop will take place from the 21st to the 28th of October 2007. There is a 50€ fee that also includes accommodation, meals, excursions and presents. We can take a maximum of 4 students.

To apply, send your c.v. and portfolio to before the 12th of October (attachments not to be greater than 2 MB).

The names of those selected will be published the following day.

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We have opened up our own media channel at We are given the chance to communicate our innovative products for implementing the objectives of the local “agendas21”. We offer a range of high-quality services that can be used to improve the relationship between neighbours and the public space. We have started a new site inside our blog, next to the projects site, called products. In this space you will shortly find a list of specific services aimed for sustainable towns and cities. Some of the services, including rehabilitation of neighbourhoods, workshops for the future involving the participation of the neighbours or the eco-pack, will be carried out together with fundación CIREM foundation, an expert on this matter. We hope these services are what Spanish towns are looking for. We will watch out for your comments to improve our proposals throughout the process.

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On the 19th of October we will open the workshops URBANACCION with a lecture by Jaime Lerner. The workshops, which will take place in Casa Encendida, Madrid, will be run by Carlos Teixeira, Lara Almarcegui and Raumlabor. We want to open a space for debate and learning about new ways of understanding public space, in contrast to the currently established rules and ways of thinking and developing such spaces. A city like Madrid should reflect its special character through the energies coming from its citizens, the general comfort and the quality of its urban proposals. Not only do we understand that the streets must be periodically cleaned and guarded, but also that they must be the scene for the interaction between its inhabitants. This fact is even bigger in large cities where public space is in general the scene of the conflict.
The aim of the workshops is to reflect upon the urban environment, its needs, opportunities, agents and actors involved, proposition and capacity for acting. The goal is to create proposals that can be implemented. We want to give opportunities for urban projects sprung from urban communities, proposals for the improvement of their environment and collaboration with government bodies. Providing communities with tools for analysis and positive proposing action in terms of quality urban public space. Implementing the solutions created at the workshops on public spaces around Madrid city centre. To take part in the workshops send your c.v. urban accion is an event run by malashierbas, In-Constant and [ecosistema urbano].

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Sustainable cities ranking

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eutv” (Ecosistema Urbano TV) goes ahead. At the office we are working on the design of a logo that will shortly be ready. Meanwhile, the collective task involved in defining the project goes on on the internet. So far, at the project website we have registered a proposal by juan freire, which we find particularly interesting. Juan proposes developing a Ranking of cities to help publicising the project: Over the last few months a number of initiatives for comparing cities have come up, based on rankings that use different indices to quantify the degree in which cities are creative, green, sustainable, innovative… Despite these exercises being very criticisable for the methodology used as well as often for their consequences (sometimes they lead to a “city race” in which all cities want to be like each other), they generate great interest amongst politicians and the public, and they can have positive applications (they can point out weaknesses and define routes for change). In this project, work could be done with sustainability indices for Spanish cities, for example. A number of variables could be defined and the results could be compiled in a cooperative manner. These results could be published broadly and could be an instrument for making the project better known within the media, amongst politicians or the public. In a few days I will publish in Ciudades enredadas, a blog in, a post with the analysis of different international city indices that have lately appeared in the media. It can be useful as a guide.

What do you think these indices could be?

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Biofuel – right or wrong?

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The following headline in Spanish paper ELPAIS on 12th September has caught my attention:

“Biofuels don’t reduce CO2 emissions. This statement opens the interview of Chemistry Nobel Prize Winner Hartmut Michel. The interview questions the suitability of biofuel. I am not an expert, so I can simply recommend the article.

These are further extracts from the interview:

“to produce biofuel, such as ethanol, it is necessary to invest much energy in the shape of fertilizers, transport, as well as on distilling the alcohol. (…)Nearly as much energy is required as that later found in the ethanol. And if you obtain that energy from fossil fuel, you end up emitting more CO2 than you would if you simply used petrol in your car.”

“Biofuels are promoting the loss of tropical jungle in Indonesia, Malaysia, some regions in Africa and Brazil. In Brazil the issue is soya: more and more soya is being cultivated in the jungle. Burning up the jungle in order to produce soya liberats an enormous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

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[ecosistema urbano] is an architecture and engineering team that focuses on the research and ecological design of new architecture projects that understand sustainable development as a resource for innovation and enthusiasm.

Its principle members have backgrounds in architecture and civil engineering from Madrid Polytechnic University, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia as well as the Bartlett School of Architecture at the University College London. They are design studio professors in the School of Architecture of Madrid and visiting professors at several universities in Spain and Latin America. They have received grants from more than ten public and private institutions.

They have received more than 15 awards since the year 2000 in national and international architecture design competitions. On the last year 2005, they have received top recognition for their work, including the European Acknowledgement Award from the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction (Geneva, 2005) and the selection as one of the “Top ten spanish architects under 40” by the Antonio Camuñas Foundation.

Exhibitions of their work have been shown in several national and international institutions. Their work has been covered by the national and international press, television programs, and specialized publications (Holland, France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Canada, and USA).

Recently a monograph of their projects, entitled Monoespacios 8, was published by the Association of Architects of Madrid. Presently their work is being shown in the collective exposition FRESHMADRID ( Next they plan on showcasing one of their projects in an exposition by El Croquis Magazine.

Currently the team is involved in research projects about future paths of city design called “eco-techno-logical city”, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. As for their latest project construction, they are building the second phase of the EcoBoulevard project in Madrid (pilot project of bioclimatic revitalization of a public space) and constructing the Meteorological Museum in the historical Buen Retiro Park in Madrid.

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Three-day discussion meeting revolving around the theme of urban rememberance in reference to the casus of Warsaw.
The seminar will comprise the following elements:
– introduction to the subject of discussion in form of lectures on the specificity of Warsaw, delivered by Aaron Betsky and Jakub Szczęsny – the curators of the Festival – and invited guests (2 from Poland and 2 from abroad).
These preliminary lectures will take place in the three initial days of the Festival, each directly preceding the day’s discussion sessions.
Discussion sessions moderated by Aaron Betsky will be held in an open-participation formula for young architects from Poland and abroad.
The ambition is thus to provide a platform of intellectual exchange and a brainstorm-fed theoretical testing ground for fresh concepts for the future of Warsaw – to create a reservoir of ideas necessary for a major urban center in constant growth.

[ecosistema urbano] will take part in this event.