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ecosistema urbano lecturing at Daz

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Tomorrow Thursday 18th, Belinda Tato and Jaime Eizaguirre will be holding a lecture on ecosistema urbano work at Daz, just before the opening of the exhibition looking through ecosistema urbano eyes, included in the FORMEL_ X architecture series, curated by Kristien Ring.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Nov19th to Jan 16th. The lecture will start at 19.00.

Don’t forget to bring your 3d glasses…

For more info:

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Looking through ecosistema urbano eyes | Exhibition in Berlin

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We are glad to announce the opening of “Looking through ecosistema urbano eyes” exhibition at Daz Architecture Center in Berlin on 18th November at 7.00 pm.

From the press-release:

+++ ecosistema urbano combine architecture, urbanism, engineering and sociology to strive
for a “creative urban sustainability”. The focus of their work is on the complex phenomenon
of the city, which they react to through innovative, creative and holistic interventions. They
catalyse urban processes that help citizens to change their own environment. At the DAZ ecosistema
urbano will visualize, through a classical 3D optical system, the process and strategies
for a selection of recent works. It will be the second exhibition of the DAZ series FORMULA_X,
presenting the facets of sustainable ideas and visions of the up-and-coming architects` generation.

Exhibition will include some of our recent works, such as Plaza Ecopolis and Air Tree for EXPO 2010 Shanghai that we have recently shared under a creative commons license.


| Looking through ecosistema urbano eyes |

EXHIBITION: 19.11.2010 – 16.01.2011 // DAZ Scharoun Saal
Tue to Fri 12.00 am – 7.00 pm, Sat + Sun 2.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Admission: 3,00 EUR / reduced 1,50 EUR
Free admission on the 1st Sunday of every month and during events.
PRESS- + VIP-PREVIEW: 18.11.2010, 6.00pm // DAZ Scharoun Saal
OPENING: 18.11.2010
7.00 pm, Lecture // DAZ Taut Saal
Introduction: Kristien Ring, Director DAZ, Curator FORMULA_X
8.00 pm, Opening Party // DAZ Scharoun Saal

more info at

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This year the URBACT Annual Conference will take place in Liege in Belgium, from Tuesday 30 November noon to Wednesday 1 December noon in Liege Conference Centre. The event will bring together URBACT partners and urban actors coming from all over Europe. Interactivity will be the keyword: each participant will have the opportunity to coproduce the conference outputs. The Conference will be introduced by Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner responsible for Regional Policy, Charles Picqué, Minister-President of the Brussels Capital-Region and Mercedes Caballero, Chairwoman of the URBACT Monitoring Committee.

All participants will discuss the urban challenges and innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions during the URBACT conference. Each interactive workshop will involve a panel of speakers and time will be equally divided: 50% for speakers – 50% for discussions with the participants. Fringe workshops will be organised by URBACT Projects themselves. continue reading

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Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement

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This exhibition presents eleven architectural projects on five continents that respond to localized needs in underserved communities. These innovative designs signal a renewed sense of commitment, shared by many of today’s practitioners, to the social responsibilities of architecture. Though this stance echoes socially engaged movements of the past, the architects highlighted here are not interested in grand manifestos or utopian theories. Instead, their commitment to a radical pragmatism can be seen in the projects they have realized, from a handmade school in Bangladesh to a reconsideration of a modernist housing project in Paris, from an apartheid museum in South Africa to a cable car that connects a single hillside barrio in Caracas to the city at large. These works reveal an exciting shift in the longstanding dialogue between architecture and society, in which the architect’s methods and approaches are being dramatically reevaluated. They also propose an expanded definition of sustainability that moves beyond experimentation with new materials and technologies to include such concepts as social and economic stewardship. Together, these undertakings not only offer practical solutions to known needs, but also aim to have a broader effect on the communities in which they work, using design as a tool. continue reading

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Sustainability in motion. Aarhus Nov. 5th

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ecosistema urbano will be present at the conference  Sustainability in Motion, taking place in Aarhus next November 5th hosted by the Danish Architects’ Association.  Other speakers will be Lia Ghilardi from Noema Research and Planning (England) and Patricia Patkau from Patkau Architects (Canada). Related to the event they have interviewed us. The interview is available in their webpage.

More info on the workshop and lecture here

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ecosistema urbano at the Conference on Ethics in Architectural Practice, Wroclaw Oct. 15-16th

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Ecosistema Urbano will be presenting their work at the Conference on Ethics in Architectural Practice, organized by The Faculty of Architecture from the University of Technology. The conference will take place in Wroclaw on Oct. 15-16th.

The emergence of the consumerist society has changed the role of culture and architecture. Zygmunt Bauman wrote:
Since culture had lost its status as a necessary tool in the design, construction, and maintenance of the social order, cultural artifacts were withdrawn from the storefront, and, following improvement, made available for sale at the Shopping Centre. Can we manage as a profession to survive, in view of the dissolution of criteria for beauty and usefulness, in a world of fluid values and aesthetics? Are the new, ethics-oriented architectural movements now gaining authority, such as slow architecture and sustainable design, a hope for the renewal of architecture?

The three main topics are:

1. Education in ethics for students of architecture, understood as an awakening of ethical consciousness.

2. Ethics in design. Professional attitudes towards architecture as moral statements.

3. A model Code of Ethics for architects.

For more info:

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Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD.

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Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD.

Due to the project ecosistema urbano has developed and built for Expo Shanghai 2010, we have made several trips to Shanghai and other Chinese cities exploring new possibilities of work and companies.

China is clearly a powerful economic engine and offers many opportunities for architects and engineers. Through these trips we have had some interesting contacts with various Chinese companies and institutions. However, there are also Chinese companies that want to take advantage of this situation, and are operating illegally offering potential projects to European architects who are willing to work and are enthusiastic about the idea of realizing projects in China.

In particular we want to warn you about a company located in the city of Zhengzhou, the Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD. We have met them twice last summer. The company offers the architects the possibility of signing a contract for the realization of a hypothetical project. We know several offices from different cities in Europe have been contacted to sign the same contract on the same project. This is a scam attempt.
These are the names of the staff responsible of the company: Jingan Wang (General Manager), Gao Ming (Vice General Manager), Jin Hongxiang (Vice General Manager) and Bin Xu (Vice General Manager). The contact person is called Jane.
We hope this information may come to those who believe that it is a formal and serious work offer. Please spread it among your contacts.

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ecosistema urbano at MAN MADE TOMORROW Conference, Oslo sept. 24th

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ecosistema urbano at MAN MADE TOMORROW ConferenceOslo sept. 24th
Sustainable urban design, Infrastructure, densification and mobility

ecosistema urbano will be presenting their work at the Conference MAN MADE TOMORROW that will be held next friday, 24th in Oslo, Norway. Other lecturers include:
Wang ShuRichard Burdett, Fin GeipelKnut Erik DahlAlan BergerFrancis Rambert. The conference moderator will be John Thackara

Cities are growing. More and more people choose to live and work in the city. Increased traffic and urban sprawl are two of the consequences. Is this a positive trend? Can we continue to develop in this way? How should the city and nature relate to one another? Forward looking sustainable solutions are required. The theme for Oslo’s Architecture Triennale 2010 is architectural policy. MAN MADE TOMORROW will discuss alternatives for the sustainable city. Key themes are climate, urban development, densification and mobility.

This one-day conference takes place at Folketeateret, Oslo on Friday 24th September and will be followed by a social event at Stratos. The conference will be opened by Governing Mayor of Oslo, Stian Berger Røsland.
For more info click on the conference please click here

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INFORMATION is all around us. We produce it and consume it constantly. We process it, visualize it and immediately discard it. Inevitably, our everyday life revolves around INFORMATION. For these reasons, we talked to those leading the pack with their ideas and work. We wanted to know the opportunities, challenges, trends and mistakes of the so-called Information Age. Digest your new set of INFORMATION. continue reading

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ecosistema ubano joins Harvard- GSD (Graduate School of Design)

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This semester, ecosistema urbano is teaching at one of the option design studios of the Urban Planning and Design Department at Harvard GSD. Under the title urban social design, the studio will explore Boston looking for new possibilities and connections between people, technology, public space, virtual space and interaction. The studio meets physically and virtually every week alternatively. Final presentations are scheduled to be held October 28th and December 7th and several critics and guests are being invited. You can now download the presentation which was used for the launch of the semester last August 31st. We will soon inform you about some network initiatives we are developing to communicate the content and material produced during the term. continue reading